Patologin tutkimustulos valmistui viime perjantaina ja löydöksenä oli hyvälaatuinen kasvain, joka harvoin lähettää etäpesäkkeitä. Tässä vastaus kokonaisuudessaan Idexx Laboratories Oy:ltä:

Histopathologic examination

Sample submitted: Biopsy 15 x 10 x 10 mm

Microscopical description: The biopsy comprises a hypercellular mass. Tumour cells are large, polyhedral cells with abundant eosinophilic cytoplasm and large, round, vesicular nuclei with prominent nucleoli. Moderate anisokaryosis, with occasional binucleated cells, and moderately frequent mitoses are evident. Conclusion: Testis: diffuse seminoma. Comments: Seminomas are more prevalent in cryptorchid testis then in descended testis. They arise from primitive seminiferous tubules and do not produce hormones. These tumours are seldom malignant and rarely metastasize. If these tumours to metastasize, they may spread to the inguinal, iliac, and sublumbar lymph nodes and to the lungs or visceral organs. Your sample was examined by: Dr. J.J. van der Lugt, Diplomate ECVP